We understand the complex process of dental transitions, and use our dental and legal expertise to help our clients through the transition process. Whether it is a Practice Sale, Buy-In, or Buy-Out, our philosophy for a successful dental transition strives for a happy seller and buyer.

Our comprehensive Three-Step Process helps ensure that your transition is smooth, efficient, and successful.



  • Visualize your future.

  • Create cost effective strategies to enhance practice value and achievable goals for exit timing, continuity of care, practice philosophy, and a fair practice valuation.

  • Identify leasing, construction and real estate opportunities.


  • Identify the Right Buyer or Candidate, the Right Financing, the Right Contract Terms and Negotiations.

  • Complete the closing of your practice.


  • Provide counsel for the owners and staff to ensure continuity of care and a successful/effective practice.

  • Engage in human resource development, office policies, OSHA, and regulatory compliance.

  • Enhance marketing, expansion of dental services, and appropriate continuing education recommendations.

Sales Strategy

To create successful transitions, the seller needs to be comfortable letting go of their practice, and the buyer must believe, regardless of the sales price, that they are buying a valuable practice. To help the buyer we use the following sales strategy:

  • We research demographic and population statistics to demonstrate the value of your dental practice.

  • We work with our marketing partners to create a plan for the buyer to grow the practice after the purchase.

  • We help the buyer connect with our network of business professionals to assist them in running their new practice efficiently and successfully. 


With Minnesota Transitions, you will have a team that will help you through the entire transition process and maximize your ability to have a successful transition.